Winner's Choice - OzWebApps

Here is a GREAT NEWS... With launching on 25th April 2014, OzWebApps is officially starting its business in Australia.

What is OzWebApps...

OzWebApps is a small business registered and running in Australia to provide a wide variety of online IT solutions to Australian businesses and individuals who expects to start a new era in their business or life by creating/revamping their web site/mobile app or marketing their business online in various ways.

What we offer you...

OzWebApps is providing services including,

  • Web design & development,
  • Mobile App design & development,
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO),
  • Design of various brand and marketing materials (Logo, Letter Head, Business Card, Newsletter & Brochure etc.),
  • Email marketing,
  • Social Media marketing,
  • Search Engine marketing,
  • Online Surveys and campaigns,
  • Web site maintenance and
  • Hosting Solutions but not limited to.

How we handle projects...

OzWebApps is handling all types projects from small to large scale with the full back up of two reputed Sri Lankan companies which has over 15 years of experience in software and web industry. OzWebApps is handling the small scale projects including design and developments within Australia and the two Sri Lankan companies will act as design and development centres for medium to large scale projects. OzWebApps is maintaining close communication and strong relationship between both client and design/development teams to ensure the expected quality and on-time delivery of the end product. The good news is you will get a good quality end product for a competitive cheaper price without the hassle and risk of outsourcing your project to a foreign company that is located far away which you never even know about. OzWebApps will act as the responsible party and the main contact point for your project and that'll increase the transparency and reduce the uncertainty in your mind about the project and its progress.

Agile practices...

With latest and widely accepted Agile practices, you will be an active member throughout the project life cycle and that will ensure less or no deviations of the final outcome from the model or concept which you had in your mind. And also you will be able to play with a functional and testable version of the product at the end of each sprint  and therefore you are always updated with the latest status of the project and all parties will be on the same page regarding the expected final product.

We look forward...

OzWebApps always concern about the quality of the final product and 100% customer satisfaction throughout the whole process, soo that a client won't think twice to get back to us again for their next online project. OzWebApps looks forward to serve you in your next online project to achieve your business or personal targets and celebrate it with you.

Win digital world.. Go with OzWebApps..!!!



Mobile apps allow customers to have the needed information at their fingertips

The native app UI design doesn’t give the developer a lot of room to work with.

But, by keeping certain important elements of app design in mind, it is possible to create an app that can help gauge user interaction and involvement.