OzWebApps has built up strong partnerships with two reputed companies in Sri Lanka. Both companies are well established, reputed companies who has over 15 years experience in Software and Web industry. OzWebApps work together with these companies to achieve your objectives and goals and deliver the projects in the expected quality while making sure that they are also delivered on-time.

Four Corners Lanka

Four Corners is a web giant in Sri Lanka since 1999, which has successfully carried out large scale web projects including co-operate information systems, e-commerce web sites, large scale content management systems and complex web based applications. With the experience of more that 50 web based foreign and local web projects, Four Corners is giving a high quality and dedicated service to OzWebApps to win the Australia Web Market.

  • Since 1999
  • More than 200 web projects
  • Highly skilled teams (over 30 professionals)
  • Award winning company
  • Well established and successful company
  • Web:


Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions is a large software firm which has been in been in business, since 1999 and currently is among the top 10 software companies in Sri Lanka. With a few associated companies, Creative Solutions is specialised in large scale Software solutions including desktop applications, web applications and mobile apps. Creative Solutions has been focusing on foreign projects and it's having a high level of hands-on experience and knowledge about overseas projects.

  • Since 1999
  • Large scale software applications
  • Mobile App expertise
  • Well established and successful company
  • More focus on overseas projects
  • Right team and skills with over 400 professionals
  • Web:
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